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Guide2Malta is a recent addition launched as part of the Guide2TheWorld network of websites.


Guide2Malta aims to be the complete source of information for residents and visitors to Malta and Gozo. Designed specifically for English speakers who are planning a holiday to Malta, contemplating buying property in Malta or those that actually live in Malta, Guide2Malta provides Property & Accommodation listings, Malta News, Events in Malta, Town information as well as Classified listings, a Business Directory and Blog.


Guide2Malta is a community site and encourages our visitors to take advantage of free membership of MyGuide2 so that they can participate in blog discussions, post classifieds advertisements, events and more.


Guide2Malta provides: 





Editorial Team


Martin Parker

Our editor, Martin, has lived in Malta since November 2011 and in that time has explored large areas of the island and got to know a lot of the locals.  Martin takes care of the day to day running of the site.

Stephanie Chambers

Originally from the United States of America, Stephanie moved to Malta in April 2013 and has been busy learning about the islands ever since.  She loves art and history, with a history of art degree, has an eclectic taste in music and also enjoys cooking. Watch out for some great articles from Stephanie on places to go and things to do.


Lisa Barker

Lisa is our local business scout and blogger at Guide2Malta and has over 30yrs of being in business. She will go out of her way to champion the best local businesses in each town and city across Malta and Gozo. She will be showcasing things that are happening in local areas, whether it be events, businesses or just great local info.


She hosts two local network groups, loves dog walking and travelling, enjoys good food,good company and sunshine!


If you would like to showcase your business at a local level or feature an event then contact Lisa  at


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Malta Holiday Home Services, property management in Malta
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