SH3LL [Cyber-Terrorist]
[R-H_xPl0itz@D3sh!~]# ssh root@localhost -p msys
[R-H_xPl0itz@D3sh!~]# enter password: *********
[root@localhost~]# Last login: c_time
[root@localhost~]# System failure <-xOxOxOx->

Your System Got Hacked

[root@localhost~]# clear all;


Hacked By Cyber-Terrorist

=> /.Stop killing innocent Muslims, we are human too
=> Islam is a religion of peace, Stop demonising Islam,
=> You use drones to kill innocent Muslims in Pakistan,
=> you burn the holy Qur'an, you cause controversy in the Arab lands for oil
=> you ban the niqab, you kill innocent Muslims in Palestine,,
=> you torture innocent Muslims in Guantanamo bay, you rape & torture Muslim women ...
=> yet we are the terrorists. . . . . And now in Egypt . used The Muslims Brotherhood to Killing Muslims

[root@localhost~]# Demands --->
[root@localhost~]# Demands --->

System Administrator :Cyber-Terrorist [Abu Omar]