Clocks go forward in Malta this Sunday
Clocks go forward i...
24 March 2017
Clocks in Malta go forward this Sunday at 2am
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Malta Music Festival roundup
Malta Music Festiva...
22 March 2017
Plenty of music festivals in Malta this year - as usual!!
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New single release from Red Electrick
New single release ...
21 March 2017
Maltese band Red Electrick have released their latest single
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New Ryanair destinations from Malta
New Ryanair destina...
21 March 2017
Ryanair has announced new destinations from Malta
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Malta - Gozo Fast Ferry service by 2018 says Minister
Malta - Gozo Fast F...
20 March 2017
Malta - Gozo Fast Ferry service should be operating by ne...
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Malta Pharmacies open Sunday 19th March 2017
Malta Pharmacies op...
18 March 2017
List of Malta and Gozo pharmacies open this Sunday
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What to do in Malta - 17 March 2017
What to do in Malta...
17 March 2017
Round-up of some events in Malta
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Malta celebrates Saint Patrick's Day
Malta celebrates Sa...
16 March 2017
Saint Patrick Day parties are taking place all over Malta...
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Royal Navy flagship HMS Ocean departs from Malta
Royal Navy flagship...
13 March 2017
The Royal navy's flagship HMS Ocean visited Malta over th...
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Deadly citrus tree virus discovered in Malta
Deadly citrus tree ...
13 March 2017
Citrus tree virus discovered in Malta
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Underwater video of collapsed Azure Window
Underwater video of...
12 March 2017
Claimed first underwater video of Azure Window remains
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Azure Window on Gozo falls victim to storms
Azure Window on Goz...
08 March 2017
Malta's famous Azure Window has succumbed to the heavy st...
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Watch - Patricia Graham explains Form H and Form F2
Watch - Patricia Gr...
08 March 2017
Patricia Graham explains the problems with utility charge...
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Malta utilities scandal update
Malta utilities sca...
06 March 2017
The scandal that is Malta utilities billing continues
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Another Malta court failure
Another Malta court...
03 March 2017
Malta court gives extremely lenient sentence to reckless ...
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Heartfelt words of a Maltese mother
Heartfelt words of ...
27 February 2017
Jojo Mifsud has posted about the death of her daughter in...
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