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You could save money by bringing your car to Malta instead of buying one here - but do remember the Maltese registration tax is very high.


Bringing your car to Malta

Bringing your car to Malta can be cheaper than buying a vehicle here, but before you bring your pride and joy, take a look at our guide to driving in Malta!


The first thing to realise is that registering a vehicle in Malta can be very expensive.  The cost of registering is based on the following factors:


  • The Value of the vehicle;
  • The combined CO2 emission level;
  • The particulate matter emissions (diesel only);
  • The length of the vehicle.


Before going any further, it would be worthwhile checking the registration cost on the Maltese government vehicle registration website to find out if there is any point in considering bringing your vehicle to Malta.


If, as happened to me, the website does not list your vehicle, then you will need to call the Malta Transport Authority on the helpdesk number – 00356 2556 0000.


To give you an example, I have put in the details for an average family diesel car, in this case a Ford C-Max, 2004 model with 90,000 miles and a two litre diesel engine.  The system gave me a valuation for the car of €2295 and a registration cost of €1480, around two thirds of the valuation, which is not uncommon.


It is also worth bearing n mind the high cost of buying a car in Malta, where used values are significantly higher than in the UK.  In fact, there is a growing trade in cars imported from the UK by dealers and sold in Malta, even with the high cost of registration.


The only way to avoid paying a registration fee is if the vehicle has been owned by you for more than twenty four months before moving to Malta.  There are also certain other conditions;


  • You shall have been residing outside Malta for at least twenty four months;
  • It had been acquired under the general conditions of taxation in force in that other country and is registered in your name;
  • No such exemption shall be given to a person who had gone to live outside Malta primarily for the purpose of pursuing a course of studies, or who had been working outside Malta on a task of duration of less than two years and his personal ties remained in Malta;
  • The said exemption shall apply to no more than one motor vehicle owned by you;
  • The motor vehicle cannot be disposed of, hired out or lent during a period of 36 months following its importation or its bringing into Malta, except in circumstances duly justified to the satisfaction of the Authority;
  • The registration of such motor vehicle must be processed within 12 months of the individual’s transfer of residence.






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