Ghadira Nature Reserve, Mellieha, Malta

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Ghadira Nature Reserve


Ghadira Nature Reserve is located next to Malta’s most popular beach in Mellieha and was established thanks to pressure from BirdLife Malta.


The area is particularly important in Malta as it offers two very different and rare habitats on the island, that of wetland and saltmarsh.  It was declared a bird sanctuary in 1978, following BirdLife Malta presenting scientific data to the Maltese government, showing the value of the area.


As a result of the management and protection of the site, the reserve offers a stunning combination of biodiversity and natural beauty. Today the area is home to a variety of flora and fauna, some of which is rare and endangered and given special protection by the European Union.


Ghadira is a haven for migrating birds that stop off to refuel en route to other areas.  Sadly, there are a large number of hunters in Malta that will quite happily shoot any birds, regardless of species or if they are endangered and for over thirty years, Ghadira Nature Reserve has offered a safe haven where hunting is banned.


Opening times

November to May

Saturdays and Sundays : 1000 – 1600


The reserve is a no smoking area, no pets are allowed and entrance is free.

BirdLife Malta volunteers lead guided walks along the nature trail.






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