Saluting Battery, Valletta, Malta

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The Saluting Battery in Valletta, Malta, still fires a midday gun across the Grand Harbour.


Saluting Battery, Valletta, Malta


The Saluting Battery was originally built by the Knights of Malta as part of the fortifications of Valletta in 1566 and occupies a strategic position overlooking the Grand Harbour.  The battery was in constant use until finally being decommissioned in the 1950’s.


During the early years of British rule in Malta, the battery was fired on three occasions daily, once at sunrise, once at noon and once at sunset.  The morning and evening shots were used to begin and end any curfews that were in force and also to signify when to open and close the city gates.  The noon shot was particularly important and was used by sailors to set the ships clock.  This enabled them to find their longitude using their navigational instruments and the time.


The Battery has been fully restored by the Malta Heritage Trust after years of neglect and the noon-day gun is fired daily once more.






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