Lascaris War Rooms, Valletta, Malta

Category: Military History of Malta and Gozo, Valletta, capital city of Malta
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Wartime Headquarters for Malta during World War Two, Lascaris War Rooms in Malta


Lascaris War Rooms, Valletta, Malta


The Lascaris War Rooms are an underground complex that housed Britain’s war headquarters during the defence of Malta n the Second World War.  It was a well kept secret, that contained operations rooms for all of the services, including an RAF Fighter Control Room to coordinate Malta’s air defences, an Anti-aircraft Gun Operations room a Combined Operations room and many more which are open to the public.


Later in WWII, the complex was used to coordinate the invasion of Sicily and was the Allies Advanced HQ for Operation Husky, as the invasion was code named.  After the war, it became the Mediterranean Fleet HQ and was later used by NATO to coordinate the interception of Soviet Submarines.






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