Malta Aviation Museum, Ta Qali, Attard, Malta

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Interesting selection of exhibits
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the Malta Aviation Museum is located at the old RAF Luqa airfield in Ta 'Qali, Malta


Malta Aviation Museum, Ta Qali, Attard, Malta


The Malta Aviation Museum is located on what used to be RAF Ta Kali, at Ta Qali, close to Attard.  The museum was developed by the Malta Aviation Museum Foundation, which brought together several different associations, with the aim of creating exhibits related to Malta's aviation history.


The museum as several hangars containing aircraft, including one containing beautifully restored Hurricane and Spitfire aircraft.  Also in this hangar is an audiovisual show of the Santa Marija convoy, which saved Malta from surrender during the siege of World War Two.


Other exhibits include several Royal Navy jet aircraft, plus a Fiat G91 and an English Electric Lightning.  Propeller aircraft are also well represented with a Fairey Swordfish, DC3 Dakota, Hurricane and Spitfire, among others.


The museum also has exhibits of aircraft parts, some recovered from the sea around Malta, information boards on the air battle to protect Malta during World War Two and much more general information about aviation in Malta.


All in all, the museum makes for an interesting and educational few hours, whether you are a dedicated aircraft enthusiast or simply enjoy looking at aircraft and learning some of the aviation history of Malta.


The museum is run completely by volunteers and any donations or money raised by the admission charge is used to preserve and enhance the exhibits.



Opening Hours



Monday to Sunday - 0900 to 1700



Monday to Saturday - 0900 to 1700

Sunday - 0900 to 1300


Malta Aviation Museum Website


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Malta Aviation Museum Spitfire
Malta Aviation Museum Vampire
Malta Aviation Museum - Sea Hawk
Malta Aviation Museum - Fiat G91R
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