St Johns Co-Cathedral, Valletta, Malta

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The magnificent St Johns Co-Cathedral in Valletta Malta


St Johns Co-Cathedral, Valletta, Malta


St John’s Co-cathedral stands as a grand monument to the time of the Knights of St john of Malta.  When the Knights decided to relocate from Birgu to Valletta, they required a new place of worship and Grand Master Jean l’evesque de la Cassiere commissioned the church of St john.


The cathedral was designed by Gerolamo Cassar and building commenced in 1573.  Following completion in 1577, the church was consecrated by Archbishop Ludovico Torres of Monreale on 20th Feb 1578.  The church was given Co-Cathedral status with Mdina Cathedral by Pope Pius VII iin 1816.


The building is a grand example of Baroque architecture and is one of Europes finest churches.  The exterior façade is quite bland and the original interior would have been relatively austere as well.  But in 1661, Matta Preti was commissioned to transform the interior in to the grand masterpiece that we see today.  The ceiling & side altars depict scenes from the life of St John & the Cathedral also hosts one of Europe’s most impressive works of art, namely Carvaggio’s “Beheading of St. John the Baptist.”  The side chapels are of significance as each one is dedicated to one of the individual “langues”, or countries that made up the Knights of St John of Malta.


The main entrance is on St Johns Street, just off Republic Street.  This is the entrance for worshippers, but visitors not wishing to pray should use the visitors entrance on Republic Street, opposite the Law Courts.  A booth is located here for visitors to buy entrance tickets, which also entitle you to visit the Cathedral Museum.  An audio guide is also provided, available in multiple languages.


Photography is allowed in most areas, but flash is not allowed.  Photography is not allowed in the Museum.

Please be respectful when entering what is still a place of worship;


  • Stiletto’s are not allowed – they may damage the flooring – slippers are available to purchase at the entrance
  • Dress conservatively – definitely no shorts or short skirts and shoulders should be covered
  • Please do not make excessive or unnecessary noise



St Johns Co-Cathedral

St John Street,

Valletta, VLT 1156, Malta 

Opening Times

Monday to Friday : 0930 – 1630

Saturday : 0930 – 1230

Sundays and Public Holidays : Closed


Ecclesiastical Services

Sundays and Feast Days






1730 (Winter)

1800 (Summer)










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St Johns Co-Cathedral Valletta Malta
St Johns Co-Cathedral Valletta Malta
St Johns Co-Cathedral Valletta Malta
St Johns Co-Cathedral Valletta Malta

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