Mnajdra Megalithic Temples, Qrendi, Malta

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Mnajdra Megalithic Temples, Qrendi, Malta


The megalithic Mnajdra Temples are a sandstone structure built around 3600 BC near to Qrendi on Malta’s southern coast, just five hundred metres from the temple complex at Hagar Qim.


The site was listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1992, along with Hagar Qim, Ġgantija, Ta’ Ħaġrat, Ta’ Skorba, and are some of the oldest religious structures in the World.  The temples were built using sandstone, but a much harder type than that used at Hagar Qim.  In both cases, the structures have been covered by large tent structures to protect them from the worst of the weather and prevent further damage.


Mnajdra temples consist of three conjoined but unconnected temples, the Upper, Middle and Lower.  While the Upper temple is certainly the oldest, it is the Lower temple that is the most impressive and best preserved example of megalithic architecture in Malta.


From the animal bones and ceremonial knives and objects discovered in the temples, it is believed that they were used for animal sacrifices and certainly, no evidence of human sacrifices or burials have been found in the area.


The Mnajdra temples were excavated in 1840, one year after work started at Hagar Qim, by J G Vance from the British Royal Engineers.






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