Apply for an ID Card in Malta

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Apply for your Malta ID Card at the Identity Malta Office in Valletta


Apply for an ID Card in Malta

When moving to Malta permanently, one of the first things you will need to do is apply for your Maltese ID Card.  Although you can survive quite happily with just your passport as a European Citizen, many things you try to do in Malta will normally require production of your ID card, such as opening a bank account and having Internet and telephone services connected to your home.  Simply, it makes a lot of things in Malta a lot easier to achieve, so it is worth the effort.


There are a number of ways to apply, with a different form for each, depending on whether you are an EU citizen or not and on how you intend to support yourself.


Check the general information on the Malta Identity website, download the appropriate forms at the bottom of the page and submit with the required documentation to the office in the Evans Building in Valletta.


From experience and the personal experiences of friends when applying, the wait for your new card could be anything from a few weeks to several months.  After the first month, contact the customer care dept to chase up your application.


Opening hours:

Monday to Friday - 0730 to 1230


Customer Care dept:

Monday to Thursday – 0730 to 1400


ID Cards Office

EVANS Buildings,

St Elmo’s Square




Contact phone numbers:







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Identity Malta - ID Card applications office in Malta

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