Deadly citrus tree virus discovered in Malta

13 March 2017

Key points about this news item Deadly citrus tree virus discovered in Malta

Malta citrus trees in danger from deadly virus


Malta citrus trees hit by deadly virus

The Plant Health Directorate within the Parliamentary Secretariat for Agriculture has informed us that a number of citrus trees in Malta have been discovered with a deadly virus.


The Directorate carried out a series of sampling and testing at various garden centres and found a number of trees that had originated from Sicily to be infected with the virus. All infected trees found have been destroyed in an effort to contain the disease, but the Directorate is now asking for co-operation from the public.


If you have bought a citrus tree within the last six months, then please notify them using the contact form below so that the plant can be tested.


The virus is called Citrus Tristeza and is the most destructive disease affecting citrus plants worldwide. Pesticides have no effect on the virus, meaning that the only effective treatment is to burn any infected plants and spray with pesticides that control aphids that carry the disease between plants.


Monitoring for the citrus plant diseases has been in effect since 1999 and around eight hundred samples are collected each year. Malta has been declared a protected area for this particular virus and had been clear since the last outbreak in 2012 on Gozo.


Please contact the Plant Health Directorate using the form below if you have bought a citrus plant within the past six months.





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