Maltese justice still failing

13 May 2017

Key points about this news item Maltese justice still failing

Maltese justice needs a major overhaul, along with the police force


Maltese justice failing again

We have reported before on the failure of the Maltese justice system and on the case of Johanna Boni before, but it has to be raised again simply because of the failure of the justice system in Malta.


Johanna was killed over sixteen months ago and nothing has been done. Her grieving parents have been told nothing and have been treated with such utter contempt and disregard it is unreal.


A hearing was set for 17th May and as the parents live in Sicily, it is not a simple case of driving to the court, but takes more planning and expense – time off work, ferry and accommodation booking etc. Just a few days before, the hearing has been postponed until 26th June, due to political corruption investigations. Completely and utterly heartless.


The parents of Johanna have been left in limbo for sixteen months and worse than that, they have had to fight every step of the way to get any information. They have been told on numerous occasions, that they have no right to information about the accident!! This is there only daughter, cruelly taken away from them and as far as the Maltese justice system is concerned, just move on and forget about it.


Even worse, Johanna’s belongings and items of clothing she was wearing at the time of the accident have still not been returned – sixteen months after she died. Her mobile phone has vanished and the police have no idea where it went, plus her riding gear, all quite new and good quality has also gone missing. Eventually, the police came back saying it had been “burnt”.


Firstly, who the hell burns evidence in a case that is ongoing? Secondly, who gave them the right to burn someone’s clothes? The whole thing stinks and I do not believe for one moment that the bike gear was burnt. I just hope that whoever has it and is riding around in a dead girls stolen bike gear can find a conscience and return it – although I won’t be holding my breath.


Johanna’s mother posted on her Facebook page the following;


This is MALTA.....
This is my daughter.....murdered 16 months ago...
As you all know we still don't know absolutely nothing.
We have been promised a month ago that on the 17 May,we will be given some news how Johanna was killed.....i would like to remind you that Johanna is a human being,Maltese citizen and not a dog or cat....
I did tikets for us all to come to Malta, living in Sicily.. ..
Organised work obviously, and other important matters..
5 minutes ago got a communication from my lawer that because of political corruption and investigation "Johanna" has been postponed to 26 June.. .....
Bis serjeta dawn.....
Not only the pain of her death.....playing and making fun of two heart breaking parents.....
We don't live in Mlt ...traveling cost...we are simple humble people.....
Shamefully.. .....


When is Malta going to wake up and stop accepting that treating people this way is acceptable? This is just one of many similar cases involving road traffic accident deaths. The case of a British couple killed by a speeding, reckless driver took ten years to get to court and other cases are taking a similar time or simply never going to court. Even when they finally make it to a court case, the penalties being given are ridiculously lenient in most cases.


This has to change, along with the attitude of drivers on the road that they can do whatever they like and get away with it. We need more police on the roads, enforcing the law and handing out on the spot fines that have to be paid there and then. Maybe that will make people sit up and take notice.


If you agree that change is required, then take a look at the J.E.S.S group on Facebook, which has been setup following the death of a young girl in a road accident in Gozo over two years ago that has yet to be properly investigated.





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