Cynical attempt by Labour to gain hunters votes

15 May 2017

Key points about this news item Cynical attempt by Labour to gain hunters votes

Malta Prime Minister says illegal hunting fines too draconian


Labour’s cynical grab for votes

There is no other way to look at the announcement this morning by the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat other than a cynical grab for hunter’s votes when he said that he thinks the penalties for hunting are too harsh and may need to be revised.


Mr Muscat also added that he thought the courts were giving out draconian fines and that a more rational approach was needed.


It was his government that cracked down on illegal hunting by imposing heavier fines and sentences. He also closed the hunting season once when illegalities were carried out, but now, when illegal hunting is increasing he has decided that he was too harsh. Funny how a change of heart has come just weeks before an election!


Malta is currently being taken to the European Court of Justice over trapping of songbirds, which of course is illegal in the European Union and quite rightly so. Yet, the Ornis Committee only last week recommended the opening of an autumn trapping season in Malta.


This is a backwards step, sacrificing the nature and particular the birds of Malta to simply gain votes.


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